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    With news around, upon, within and beyond our planet, it is the first newscast making the disclosure of our galactic families official. It is the newscast that is laying a foundation for the future of news, offering the stories not presently covered by the mainstream media, with spiritual and galactic perspectives.


  • LIFE

    Definition of LIFE ~ an ever-evolving process encompassing the ALL THAT IS. It is the physical, the non-physical, the visible and the invisible that serve to support and sustain everything, not only on Gaia, but also beyond. Understanding our connection to, and energetic relation with LIFE empowers new choices; choices that honour oneself, others, our planet, and very soon our galactic families.


  • Peace

    Definition of Peace ~ An internal experience of unconditional love and service to LIFE, relative to one's uniquely different, equally beautiful connection and relation to LIFE in each moment of 'now'. A true holistic, global and galactic peace has not been possible - - - until now.


  • Disclosure

    If there was ever ONE single announcement that had the potential to change everything about our world, including the health of our planet - this would be it! In many parts of the world, people are rising up against democracy - not because the principle of democracy itself is flawed, but rather because it has become corrupted by legal and banking structures that have permitted a 'democracy' of voluntary enslavement. What does this mean for you?


  • CVN FAQ's

    CVN Frequently asked questions ~ What is the purpose of CVN? Cosmic Vision News is a newscast. It is offering the news that the mainstream media are not (yet) covering but will very soon be forced to start covering. This news is offered with a spiritual AND galactic perspective.


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  • If there was ever ONE single announcement that had the potential to change everything about our world, including the health of our planet - this would be it!
  • Our current model of banking is evolving. This system has no place or energy to exist in the paradigm of the New Earth. The question is what it is evolving to?
  • Current law thrives on fear, debt and enslavement for profit and planetary destruction. This system has no place or energy to exist in the paradigm of the New Earth.
  • Divine Creator-Source is more than it has been taught. Beyond fear to unconditional love. Are you ready/willing to choose this?
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Welcome to Cosmic Vision News

cvngraphic-350Thank you for sharing some of your precious time to visit CVN!

Your Home for Alternative News

CVN is and is not a typical newscast. CVN is a great source for alternative news. It uses a format and style that is similar to mainstream media with some variations. It will cover stories and events that are covered by the mainstream media, but are offered with a more spiritual and galactic perspective. Helping people to break out of the conditioned thinking that has been imposed upon most of humanity requires from time to time some personal commentary within stories to ask questions, or perhaps offer a perspective that many may not have considered, and it allows them to reflect on that perspective, to see if it resonates with them, relative to their current LIFE-path, in this current moment of 'now'.

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CVN recognizes and acknowledges:

That 'truth' is very subjective, and relative to what an individual is perceiving in each moment of 'now'. Unlike the mainstream media, CVN does not pass any message off as 'truth', nor does this newscast ask that anyone believe anything that is offered. Each individual is merely asked to be open enough to reflect on what is being offered, and then to make a choice whether any piece of information is relevant in that moment. If not, then simply set that piece of information aside. Take only what is relevant and meaningful to you in this moment.

That everything is energy, and that all energies act and interact with all other energies, creating the complex symphony that is the Oneness of LIFE. (see above for the definition of LIFE).

image2That there is a PROFOUND shift underway in human and planetary consciousness.

We are all ONE. The basic elements of all LIFE, physical, non-physical, visible and invisible, both on and off our planet. The energetic and DNA science is now supporting this.

That people are beginning to awaken to facts and truths that they were unable or unwilling to see and accept previously. They are looking for sources of information that will help them 'connect the dots' as to why our world as we once knew it, is collapsing/evolving into something new, and far bigger than we currently understand.

That we are not alone in the omni/multi/universe. There is more than abundant information available now to support this. CVN is the first news-dedicated program to affirm unconditionally that there are civilizations beyond Earth, and that they have been acting in both negative and positive ways with humanity. The negative interactions are now being replaced with the positive interactions.

image3That technologies of a non-Earth origin have been militarized and/or covered up to prevent humanity from receiving the benefits of those technologies. These include, but are not limited to technologies that can clean our air, our water, while bringing new, greener businesses to employ people worldwide including free energy. A new world is available to humanity, and it is available now, if we choose it.

That there has been a massive cover-up on multiple levels within the reality that we have been experiencing up to now. The truth about who you TRULY are – a Divine being with more wisdom, more love and more power to create than you were ever allowed to know! Humanity has been conditioned by individuals, groups, organizations, institutions and media messages of fear, debt, separation, vengeance, of being 'victims', and so much more. These energies are giving way to higher vibrations of love, true peace, and service to humanity and to Gaia, our home.

CVN is helping you to understand at least some of these many layers of enslavement, with the creation that you will CHOOSE to remember who you are, and choose to re-member to, the higher collective of which we are all a part.

That YOU are a uniquely different, yet equally beautiful part of the Oneness that is LIFE. You have a 'truth' and a message to share for humanity and our world, if you are ready and willing to choose to share it, and BE the future that you choose to experience in the coming moments of 'now'. Your service is no more, nor is it any less than the 'truth' or service of me, of CVN, or of any other human, animal, aspect of LIFE, or galactic family member. It is you – own it and serve with love, humility and integrity for all LIFE!

Clock in the NowMay we all step forward at this time to co-create Nova Gaia – the New Earth – together. May it also be a step forward for us as a birthing galactic star nation, beyond all that we have previously been allowed to dream until now!

Blessings to you for health, joy and abundance on all levels in the coming moments of 'now'

Peace, love and Light to each, and to all around you.

I bow to you in your service to humanity, our planet and to our soon-arriving galactic families!




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